I’m a huge advocate of updating your physical space in a way that supports the changes going on in your mental space. After an exceptionally challenging year, when we’ve all been spending more time indoors than ever before, I think a space-refresh is in order for many of us. We’ve all evolved this past year, but there’s still work to do and I know that many of us do our best work in a physical space that feels aligned with our purpose.

Whether you want to add a feeling of outdoor airiness to your space or are ready to go all-in on big, bold, colour clashing designs and décor, these are the 20 design features you’ll want to explore in the upcoming year:

1. Layered Lighting

Design: PURE Design Inc / Image: Janis Nicolay

Our homes are our havens and layered lighting solutions means you can achieve your desired mood at the literal flick of a switch. Play with targeted, ambient, and accent lighting as we move into 2021 for functionality and flare. Hey, you could even consider bringing back the retro dimmer switch!

2. Statement Curtains

Make your space feel larger than it is by sizing up with your curtains. Lift that curtain rod higher than it needs to be and let the material flow to the floor – your rooms will feel immediately grander and more luxurious as a result.

3. Bold Features

Design: PURE Design Inc / Image: Janis Nicolay

Minimalism is out, maximalism is in. Go for bold prints, clashing colours, and tasteful chintziness this year to add an element of surprise and wonder to your space.

4. Painted Ceilings

Ceilings are too often overlooked when it comes to redesigning and yet they offer so much space to work with. Consider painting them in bold colours or adding a printed wallpaper. Just remember to balance this out with understated walls.

5. Statement Eyesores

Design: PURE Design Inc / Image: Janis Nicolay

Exposed brick was the trend of the early eighties, but the twenties are all about reframing eyesores as features. Paint exposed pipework in a funky colour or turn that awkwardly shaped nook into your own home gallery or book nook.

6. Plants, Plants, Plants

Design: PURE Design Inc / Image: Janis Nicolay

There’s nothing better than adding greenery to your space and houseplants are the easiest way to do so. Go big or go home with this one – install ceiling-height shelving and fill it with trailing plants for that on-trend jungle feel or install an indoor garden. Got pets? Plastic plants will do the trick too.

7. Earthy Neutrals

Design: PURE Design Inc / Image: Janis Nicolay

Goodbye grey, hello ochre; umber; olive! Earthy neutrals are the way forward this year, given that they add a touch of calming class to any space. Plus, they serve as a great base for colourful highlights and the aforementioned plant overload.

8. Mid-Century Classics

Design: PURE Design Inc / Image: Janis Nicolay

We may be dressing like it’s the nineties, but mid-century classics are all the rage when it comes to our furnishings. Look out for 50s sideboards, vintage-style sofas with curvy lines, and sultry chaises for retro luxe.

9. Floral Features

Go bold with floral wallpaper and statement pieces this year. Skip the granny-style chintz and leap straight to large-scale flowers on dark, muted backgrounds to add a touch of contemporary class to your entranceways, bathrooms, and dining areas.

10. High Contrast

Design: PURE Design Inc / Image: Janis Nicolay

Now’s the time to get creative with colours and bold patterns. Paint your white kitchen cabinets pink or add a pop of colour to the front of your home with a neon green door. Don’t be afraid to clash!

11. Wicker Pieces

Complementing perfectly with the on-trend earthy tones or serving as an au naturel offset for bold paints and papers, wicker furniture if the easiest way to revamp your space this season. Look out for woven plant pots, rattan chairs, and more.

12. Tile Time

Design: PURE Design Inc / Image: Janis Nicolay

Whether in your bathroom or your kitchen, now’s the time to go nuts with tiles. Take your backsplash and extend it right to the ceiling; rip up those carpets and tile the floors. There’s no such thing as too many tiles.

13. Break the Bedroom Rules

Design: PURE Design Inc / Image: Janis Nicolay

It’s time to bring the outside, inside. Move your bed beneath your window and bask in the morning sun, make the most of the natural light, and you’ll find your space feels fresher than ever. This layout seems taboo but it’s feng shui endorsed!

14. Table Stacks

Photo: West Elm

Think Russian dolls-turned-tables. Stacking your side tables is a space saver and a cool way to mix textures and moods in your space. You don’t need matchy-matchy items to achieve this look either – let your imagination run riot.

15. Bedside Shelves

Design: PURE Design Inc / Image: Janis Nicolay

Make the most of your bedroom’s vertical space by using ladder-style shelving in place of boxy bedside tables. Not only will it give you a place to hang your clothes at the end of the day, but you can also store more stuff within arm’s reach.

16. Free Form Furnishings

Alongside mid-century design, free form furnishings should be making their way into your space this year. Look for fat and curvy forms, slightly imperfect shapes, and one-of-a-kind pieces.

Image: Architonic

17. Wood Panelling

There’s nothing outdated about wood paneling, as this sauna-evoking trend is once more making its way into the coolest of spaces. Incorporate wood paneling into hallways, kitchens, and bathrooms and give it a lick of paint for added oomph and double-whammy trendiness.

Design: PURE Design Inc / Image: Janis Nicolay

18. Macrame and More Macrame

The seventies called and they want their macrame back! Just kidding – macrame’s going nowhere. You might have noticed a rise in the use of natural fibre wall hangings and knotted macrame designs. Well, now’s the perfect time to jump on board with this design trend.

19. Built-In Book Nooks

Design: PURE Design Inc / Image: Janis Nicolay

Get cozy because in-built book nooks are going to be all the rage in the coming months. The perfect way to use those awkward corners, book nooks make any space feel welcoming and purpose-built. And who doesn’t like to read?

and last, but not least

20. Sanitization Room

Image: Casa Vogue

Move over mudrooms, sanitization rooms are here to stay! Given the trials and tribulations of 2020, everyone’s been more focused than ever on health and cleanliness; so, consider installing a sanitization room into your space for maximum safety.