The holidays are upon us, and as the cold weather starts to creep in, you may find yourself visiting a specific part of your home more often— the fireplace. A fireplace represents so much during the colder months. Not only is it a place of comfort, it also represents a place where you, your family, and your guests can gather. With careful design choices, it can truly become a beautiful focal point of your space.

What makes fireplaces so unique is that they often differ from home to home, but it is something that can always be amplified with a few creative touches. If you’re considering making a design change or update to your fireplace, consider the following ideas.

1. Beautiful and functional

Sometimes all a fireplace needs is a bit more functionality to bring more value to your living room space and to your home as a whole. If space allows, adding a storage space alongside your fireplace to store firewood logs is a stylish and sophisticated way to add more to the comfort element of the area. The look of natural firewood can add immense contrast to your living room and can surely align with a rustic style.

Built-in benches near the windows close to your fireplace are another idea to make the most of your fireplace area if space allows. Not only will you be able to get plenty of use out of it during the colder seasons, but it is another element of design that can transform the entire space.

Photo Credit: Janis Nicolay @pineconecamp, Design By PURE Design Inc

2. Fireplace surround

A lot of clients may struggle to determine how they want their fireplace to look or appear “finished.” Playing with texture and fireplace surround is one way to do this.

Material choices for your fireplace surround are truly endless, it all depends on how it aligns with your style and what it can add to your space. Some materials that I’ve worked with in the past for fireplace surrounds include metal, natural stone, brick, concrete, and wood.

If you’re looking to design your fireplace surround based on contrast, think of how it will complement other materials in your space including flooring, the colour of your windows, wallpaper or ceiling materials.

Photo Credit: Janis Nicolay @pineconecamp, Design By PURE Design Inc

3. Wooden beam mantel

A mantel is the part of your fireplace that sits right above the surround and is just one of many ways to expand on how it contributes to your space. While it was once known simply for it’s functionality many years ago, the mantel is considered to be one of the most classic and historical designs there is.

Wooden beam mantels contrast beautifully with neutral-coloured fireplace surrounds. Your surround and mantel do not by any means have to be the same colour or material, although it can be if you are seeking a more simple, uniform look.

Photo Credit: Janis Nicolay @pineconecamp, Design By PURE Design Inc

4. Decorative wall space

If your fireplace has bare wall space above it, this is an excellent opportunity to enhance the look and feel of your fireplace without touching the fireplace area at all. When it comes to amplifying the wall space that sits above your fireplace area, I always recommend working with what you have.

Different accents, items, objects or pieces of art that hold special meaning for you and your home are always a wonderful idea to display. You can even change up your wallpaper. It’s just another way to add a piece of who you are in your very own space. Whatever it is that holds special meaning to you, consider using the wall space above your fireplace to offer the piece its very own spotlight.

Photo Credit: Janis Nicolay @pineconecamp, Design By PURE Design Inc

5. Woodburning Shaker Stove 

The Shaker stove is both classic simplicity and a modern beauty united in harmony. It reflects the coziness of a fireplace. The minimized design is multifunctional, fitting in with any interior. Its small size makes it suitable for every type of residence.

Striking Fireplace Designs

While design ideas for fireplaces may have grown immensely over the years, the value that they add to your home still remains the same. While the temperatures begin to drop and you start to frequent your fireplace area more often, consider some of these design ideas to add something special to your space.