Without a doubt, the best part about the work we get to do here as a Vancouver interior design firm is being able to watch a space transform right before our eyes. No matter how dire it may be before we get started, our years of experience have shown us that anything is possible…you just have to use your imagination (as well as some very skilled contractors)!

While we have been a part of many wonderful room transformations over the last decade, there are several that really stand out to us for one reason or another. To give you a sense of what is possible when you commit to changing a space, we have compiled our top 7 before and after transformations for you to see here. Let’s take a look!

#1 – The Dark & Dreary Living Room

The main (and really only) focal point in this living room before we got started was the large black fireplace. While certainly interesting, it dominated the space, and made everything feel dark and dreary. Which was a shame, because the large windows on the opposite wall were in fact bringing in lots of natural light.

To combat this, we opted to refinish the fireplace in a dreamy light grey. Coupled with bright wooden built-in cabinets, some fresh greenery, and a soft grey couch, and the entire space brightened up beautifully, transforming into a space for really living in.

#2 – The Boring Bathroom

While nothing was terribly worn down or broken in this bathroom before we began, the original design was decidedly tired. Looking for a fresh space that they could truly enjoy, the homeowners came to us and asked that we breathe new life into this tired room. The main task for this project was transitioning from a standard tub to a luxurious, oversized glass shower with beautiful geometric tile. We also lightened the space by transitioning to large white floor tiles, a new white toilet, and a beautiful powder blue vanity, creating a bright, stylish look that the owners absolutely love (and we agree)!

#3 – The Compact Kitchen

Just because a space is small doesn’t mean it can’t be stylish. For this kitchen overhaul, the owners were long ready to refresh their tired, tiny kitchen which was really feeling outdated and worn. They didn’t mind the compact size… they just wanted it to feel more modern and luxurious and most importantly, functional! The PURE Team got to work, using a variety of different colours and materials to make this small space pop. From a one of my all time favourite patterned backsplashes, to varying the colours of the lower and upper cabinets, we created focus points of visual interest in this kitchen that allow the owners to feel like a touch of luxury in their small space.

#4 – The Worrisome Workspace

Jumping at the opportunity to help this home business owner, our design team got to work designing a home office they could be proud of, and one where they could actually tackle the day.

To combat the clutter, we opted for a built-in desk with plenty of amazing storage space. And with bold white fronts and new workspace lighting, the whole space brightened, and created an environment where this homeowner couldn’t wait to hop out of bed and get to work!

#5 – The Miraculous Master Transformation

The original master suite of this heritage home felt so teensy, and it lacked necessary storage for our lovely clients.

We thought it would be best to reconfigure the floor plan by removing walls and adding this fabulous custom millwork around the preexisting window to add loads of storage. We then tied in the fir flat panel millwork to compliment the charm of the original floors. The end result is a beautiful room with plenty of storage, plenty of light, and plenty of charm. A win-win-win!

#6 – The Scalloped Shower

Sometimes all it takes to dramatically improve a space is to focus on a single feature. In the case of this bathroom, that was taking the outdated shower with kitschy beach tiles and turning it into a modern, timeless masterpiece.

We kept the feel of the beach alive with beautiful white scalloped tiles, and brought in rays of light with golden fixtures. Add in a built-in nook for shampoos and soaps, and the you end up with a shower so nice you’ll never want to leave!

#7 – A PURE Space to Call Home

Last but certainly not least is the amazing transformation of the PURE Design headquarters.

What started as an old retail storefront has since been transformed into a beautiful place that our team is so proud to call home. We absolutely love walking through the doors of this space each and every morning, as it reminds us of what’s possible, and how incredibly powerful a room transformation can be on your mind, body and soul.

As you can see, we here at PURE Design are all about the magic of room transformation. Whether a kitchen or bath, bedroom or home office, we know firsthand that every single room has potential. All you need to do is get in there and find it!

Looking to make a transformation of your own? Contact us today and let’s talk about the magic we can bring to your space!