Meet your Vancouver Interior Designer Ami McKay. A Vancouver-based creative, Ami’s love of global design started in her twenties when she lived and volunteered in India. In Vancouver, interior design, like many facets of Vancouver, draws inspiration from various cultures, people, and experiences. Ami works with her clients to create their ideal space, drawing inspiration from the clients themselves, their passions, their purpose, and what brings them joy. 

From Humble beginnings

PURE Design started in 2000 when Ami Mckay, president and principal interior designer of PURE, had a four-week-old in her arms and a dream in her heart. Twenty-two years later, Ami is known as one of the top interior designers in Canada and is frequently featured in publications such as Architectural Digest, Canadian House & Home Magazine, Style at Home Magazine, and Western Living Magazine, making her one of Canada’s most published interior designers. 

Creating with compassion


Panorama Residence, Modern Bathroom, Pure Design
Panorama Residence, Modern Dining Room, Pure Design

Photo Credit: Janis Nicolay @pineconecamp, Design By PURE Design Inc

Using the natural environment your home is surrounded in can create a dreamy yet achievable atmosphere. Using a blend of rustic beach vibes and drawing inspiration from the natural surroundings turned this cottage into a home. The original shiplap walls were preserved to both be environmentally conscious and retain the home’s original period detail. The cheerful tiles in the kitchen paired with accents of white, blue and wood tones showcase a coastal style with character. 

Ami’s approach to design is holistic and ensures that your space works with the environment to achieve visual harmony. The goal is to create a space that enhances your daily life. Our homes are an intimate space and a huge part of ourselves. They are where we recharge, sleep, grow, learn, love, eat, cry, and everything else we do that makes us, us.

Westport, Modern Living Room, Pure Design,Vancouver Interior Designer Ami Mckay
Westport, Modern Kitchen, Pure Design, Vancouver Interior Designer Ami Mckay

Photo Credit: Janis Nicolay @pineconecamp, Design By PURE Design Inc

Overlooking the treetops in West Vancouver, the beauty of the cliffside it is attached to is the highlight of this four-level space. By keeping the design minimalist and subtle, the focus is on the natural beauty of the home’s surroundings, allowing the house to be part of the landscape, not competing with it. 

Your home showcases you and is a place you can design to be the most beautiful and welcoming space for yourself. When others come into our homes, we want them to feel at ease and comfortable. Homes are customizable to a degree. While you cannot change where your kitchen sink is easy, you can change the environment around the sink to suit your wants and needs. 

Inspired by lived experiences and magical moments

Park Place, Green Bathroom, Pure Design, Vancouver Interior Designer Ami Mckay
Park Place, Entry Way, Pure Design, Vancouver Interior Designer Ami Mckay

Photo Credit: Janis Nicolay @pineconecamp, Design By PURE Design Inc

Ami’s time living and travelling worldwide inspires and guides her designs. At the Park Place Residence, Ami took elements of the old world and new world, inspired by her time living in London. In the Kitchen, from the European bistro tiles and millwork panel that doubles as a hidden door to a walk to the vintage clawfoot bathtub in the main bathroom, 

For Ami, creativity, compassion, and caring for the environment and one another are all intrinsic elements of her work. As a proud Vancouverite, Ami does her part in giving back to her community in Vancouver. Interior design is something that can help change a person’s mood and quality of living. From designing kitchenettes in a women’s safe houses to mentoring other designers, Ami gets joy from seeing her client’s reactions to their new homes.