I can’t get enough blankets. I always tell myself I don’t need any more of these soft and cosy throws and then…end up buying them anyway. If you’re anything like me, you’ve probably wondered exactly how to style all these throw blankets that you’ve got lying around the house.

Sure, you could artfully position them in a basket and keep them on a shelving unit or in your wardrobe, but there are also a bunch of other ways to make the most of these versatile textiles. From you living room to your bedroom, your home office to your bathroom, here’s exactly how and where to style blankets in any room of your house.

On the bed

There are so many ways to style a blanket on your bed. You could go for the classic neatly folded look, draping it over the bottom third of your bedspread. Alternatively, try rumpling your blanket a bit and hanging it over one corner of your bed for a more lived in look. This works well for larger beds and bigger rooms, as well as for when you want to add a pop of colour to the space.

A bonus bed blanket option involves draping it over your headboard. Not only can this make the entire space feel new and refreshed, it can let you try out new styles, colours, and designs without the investment that comes with a brand new headboard.

However you opt to style a blanket on your bed, choose a material that’s easy to wash, not too itchy, and is the right thickness and weight for your home. By which I mean, if you live in the Caribbean, you don’t want a chunky knit woollen blanket on your bed—go for thin linens and lightweight cottons instead!

On the sofa

Like the bed, the sofa is a popular spot to store and style your blankets and there are lots of combinations to try. You can hang a folded blanket over one arm of your sofa, drape if over the back of the sofa, or even have it casually draped over the sofa cushions. Regardless of exactly how you choose to position your blanket, make sure to keep the rule of thirds in mind! That means keeping things a little un-symmetrical and avoiding just plonking your blanket right in the centre of the space.

Sofa blankets and throws are also great ways to tie colours in the room together, so look for blankets that really blend in with your décor without being too bland and boring.

On (ladder) shelves

If you’re bored of the bed-and-sofa blankets—or maybe you’ve already got some there!—then consider shelving as a cute place to store your blankets. The obvious choice is chic ladder shelving, which is also great for making the most of awkward corners or empty vertical space in your house. It’s also the perfect way to show off cuter, more colourful, or more intensely patterned blankets because of the way they hang down.

Alternatively, even your standard shelving unit can be a good place to store blankets. Fold them carefully so they look neat and don’t hang over the edge of the shelf before contrasting the soft textures with sharper decorative objects, like copper tumblers, vintage glassware, and more.

On chairs

Styling your blankets on chairs is one of my favourite ways to make blankets work in home office spaces. Not only can you cover up the ugly (or even just plain boring) shape and colour of your wheeled office chair, you can also add some probably much needed lumbar support in the form of a balled up blanket.

Drape the blanket over the back of the chair, leaving a little extra material on the seat so you can shape it to your lower back for added comfort. Try and cover the plastic arms if possible too!

And this tip doesn’t only work for office chairs—you can also style blankets over statement midcentury style chairs or squishy recliners.

In wicker baskets

OK, OK, I know I said you shouldn’t just be stuffing your blankets into baskets and I stand by that, but sometimes you just need somewhere to store your throws when the weather warms up and baskets are ideal.

However, instead of choosing closed or lidded bins, opt for loosely woven or geometric metal designs where you’ll still get the benefit of your blankets poking through the sides or peeking over the top.

I also really like to use blankets in baskets with other items—think: yoga mats or foam rollers. While they might look a bit plain on their own, casually draping a blanket into the basket with them can tie the whole look together and make it seem super intentional. As opposed to, you know, just somewhere you store your work-out gear!


  1. Blankets should add depth and texture to chairs, beds, and other home furnishings but very rarely do you want them to be the focal point of the space. Instead, be sure to layer them with other throws, textiles, or pillows or it might look a little strange!
  2. Blankets are best when they help tie the colour scheme of a room together. Don’t use a bright yellow blanket in a room with no other hints of yellow!
  3. However! If you really want to give your blanket or throw a starring role, make sure it’s cut out for the job. Choose bold patterns combined with bold colours if you want your blanket to be the star. Block colours just don’t work as well when it comes to statement blankets.