It’s no surprise why beloved neutrals and muted colours are everywhere in the design world. They stand the test of time and never go out of style! However, only using neutrals in your home can sometimes make your home seem a little, well, neutral. Playing with colour is one of my favourite ways to give your home that extra touch of personality that makes it feel truly yours.

Colour has the ability to completely transform a space and bring joy to our day to day lives. In fact, there’s a whole field of psychology dedicated to how colours can inspire creativity, energy, and calm or relaxation in your daily routine. Plus, with spring right around the corner, adding some splashes of colour can really help inspire you to get ready for summer.

Want to incorporate more colour in your home but are unsure of exactly where to start? Here are my favourite easy go to’s for welcoming spring and pops of colour into any space. 

Use Colourful Paint to Make A Statement

Never underestimate the power of a few coats of paint! Painting is a relatively inexpensive and easy way to upgrade a space and has the ability to make a gorgeous, unique space. 

Try playing with paint and colour in small spaces (bathrooms are a great place to experiment with something new) or make a big statement by painting your front door (interior or exterior!).

I also love the environmental considerations of re-painting existing cabinetry, instead of sending perfectly good cabinets to the dump.


Let a Statement Rug Sing Summer All Year Long

Rugs are a great investment because they make a huge impact no matter where you put them. Try finding rugs with colours you love and repeat the colours throughout the room through decor pieces. Remember to play with texture and scale when working with pillows to create a curated look.


Small Pieces of Furniture Can Really Transform a Space

Do you love neutral spaces but want one or two larger items that will make a room pop? Try incorporating colourful chairs! Chairs are an easy way to create a playful atmosphere and can help bring some more fun to your kitchen or dining spaces. Chairs are also a wonderful way to keep a space updated as they’re easier to swap out than say, cabinetry or flooring.

Want to make a splash in a bedroom or family room? Keep your eyes peeled for colourful art, side tables, stools, or large cushions! Make sure to utilize complementary colours that both brighten your room and bring some contrast to your other pieces.


Bring Some Colour and Life into your Home with Plants and Flowers

Want to really celebrate spring in your home? Grab some flowers to mix things up or find plants to live in your home year round. Flowers are a great way to bring a whole variety of colours into your daily life and make really easy gifts to give to someone you love. Plants may not come in as many colours as most flowers but they can help brighten spaces and even help purify the air in your home. I recommend succulents or snake plants for first time plant owners, and I recommend having plants in every single room.


Revamp Your Cushions or Pillows

One of my favourite ways to transform a space with colours is to mix up or replace pillows and cushions. Replacing cushions or reupholstering your favourite pieces of furniture can make entire rooms feel brighter and fun. Want to add some pops of colour but aren’t ready to commit to reupholstery? Pillows are an incredibly easy way to pack some punch into a room, especially if you have a space filled with neutrals. 

Are you obsessed with mixing and matching pillows seasonally but want to keep costs down? Look for pillow covers and repurpose the ones you already have. Then the swap is as easy as zipping off a cover. They’re easier to wash, too.


Mix up your cups and stemware!

One of the easiest ways to bring more colour into your life is to find colourful dishes and table décor. Finding a cute table runner, colourful placemats, and even some bright pink cups can make your dinner table the life of the party! 

Want to play with your dishes and keep costs low? Check out sales at the end of every season and save your favourite selections for next year. Or, better yet, pick out brightly coloured tableware to use all year round.


Let Statement Artwork Steal the Show

Paintings, photographs, and wall art not only makes a space more distinctive, it can help redefine a room. Try finding artwork you love with colours that are reflected in your home or a colour that elegantly contrasts your space.

Starting to design a new room from scratch but have a piece of art you adore? Let the artwork dictate the decor you select and find candles, pillows, rugs, etc that help make the piece pop.


Showcase Your Favourite Fruits to Make You Happy and Healthy

What’s potentially the easiest (and healthiest) way to bring more colour into your life? Head on over to the grocery store and grab some of your favourite fruit to lighten up your space and improve your antioxidant intake. Using your fruit and veggies as decor may sound obvious to some, but the key to making them really shine is presentation.

Find a bowl or platter you love, whether it’s a salad bowl, a homemade pottery piece, a woven basket, or the latest find from your favourite boutique, and artfully place your favourite fruits in it. You will be surprised to see how much of a change you can make by switching a bowl to a piece you’re really excited about.

Having your fruit on display in a piece you love will not only bring some small pops of colour into your kitchen or dining room, but also remind you to eat more fruits and vegetables. What could be better than that?

For those who want to bring more colour into their homes, using some of these tips can be a great place to start. Whether it’s playing with paint, pillows, or pears, there are an unlimited number of ways that you can design a room that makes you feel full of joy.


Loving these ideas but not sure where to start? We’re here to help! Let us find the best opportunities to welcome colour, texture, and style into your space. Contact us to get started!