Meet Ami Mckay

President & Principal Interior Designer

My Why

I believe that your space should bring you joy and harmony. I listen to your vision, your purpose, what brings you happiness, and infuse those elements into designing beautiful, welcoming surroundings.

I adore working with clients who are aligned with my pursuit for design that is authentic, genuine, and pure. My holistic approach ensures your space works in harmony with the environment. My purpose is achieved when I see the impact my work has made on my clients’ lives and the world at large.

My Inspiration

In my early twenties, I lived and volunteered in India. This experience sparked my love of global design. I grew more appreciative of where products come from, how they are produced, and the way they weave into the tapestry of our lives.

My experiences inspired the principles that are at the heart of my interior design business. I believe the foundation of great interior design is found in the art of giving. I create spaces that give – not take. My mantra of giving is infused in all my efforts – from designing kitchenettes at women’s safe houses to sourcing sustainable materials from socially conscious organizations.

My Joy

I am always striving to make every new project unique to each client’s life and space. I was once an interior designer on a HGTV show called “Makeover Wish” where I renovated homes for deserving individuals. This feeling of elation when I see my clients’ delighted reactions to their new home is something I continually gain great joy from.

What fills my heart with the most joy is spreading happiness and making the world a better place. Early in my journey, a kind soul lent me a helping hand, and this fuelled my desire to pay this generosity forward. I make a pointed effort to give back to my Vancouver community, donate my services, and empower those around me with mentoring.

Ami McKay Interior Designer

My Journey

I launched PURE Design in 2000, with a four-week-old babe in one hand and a vision for my budding business in the other. Today I am proud to be called one of “Canada’s Top Five Interior Designers.” My work regularly appears in Architectural Digest, Canadian House & Home Magazine, Style at Home Magazine, and Western Living Magazine as one of Canada’s most published interior designers.

I am grateful for these accolades and can humbly say that my journey’s proudest design moment is just around the corner. My story has come full circle as I collaborate with artisans around the world for my new retail shoppe featuring PURE Design’s line of ethical homewares. I feel blessed to be at the helm of an award-winning design business and am honoured to be able to lift up our world.

I would love to be a part of your journey and help bring your dream home to life.