We often view kitchen spaces online, in magazines or on television and admire their styling from afar without thinking about how we can transform our own kitchens and style them ourselves.

The truth about kitchen spaces, or any space for that matter, is that there are many styling adjustments that can help your space sustain a photogenic appearance all year round. Whether you are looking to upgrade a smaller kitchen space or a larger one, the styling tips below will help you achieve a photo-ready kitchen that is solely based on your preference and style.

Incorporate timber

Using woods in kitchens isn’t necessarily a new styling trend, however, it is finding its way in kitchens in very fascinating ways.

The material itself offers such a unique material choice and a sense of contrast for kitchens that are lighter in color. Wood can shine through various parts of your kitchen through beams, wood wrapped hooded fans, floorboards, cabinetry, and so much more.

Timber always makes a great choice if you’re looking to add more character to your kitchen space. Their nature always exudes a warm and rustic look that will not go unnoticed. Looking to start small? Start with kitchen essentials that incorporate woods like olive wood vases, salad bowls, or miniature salt pincers.

Colourful tile

If you’re ever looking to find more ways to complete or finish a space, colours never fail to do the trick.

In terms of kitchens, getting creative with the colour choice of your backsplash is a way for you to reflect your own taste within the space. If you have a white kitchen, a bold coloured backsplash is the perfect way to satisfy that need for colour that you are craving.

If you prefer something more fresh and clean to complement the other elements of your kitchen, you can steer away from bold patterns and colours and stick with more subtle, classic hues and tones. Either way, backsplash tiles are the perfect way for you to get a bit more flavour and texture in your kitchen. At the end of the day, if you’re satisfied with it, it’s always going to be picture-perfect in your eyes!

Add some greenery

Do you ever feel like your space is just craving a bit more natural connection or life? Greenery can do the trick and go beyond the display. I love to keep plants throughout my kitchen, and also have beautiful containers ready to hold fresh basil or other herbs.
Colourful plants add a natural touch of life and vibrance. An added bonus? They can help purify the air and increase oxygen levels.

Hanging potted plants are one way to take that earthy, natural touch in your kitchen to the next level. They are visually pleasing, always guaranteed to stand out, and luckily, there are so many options for hanging planters now. If you’re seeking something that will align with an earthy or contemporary look, woven natural baskets add a lovely, organic detail.

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Pendant Lighting

Pendant lighting is one of my go-to ways to add some charm to a kitchen. The kitchen is a space that so many of us spend a lot of time in. Why not give some special attention to what illuminates that beloved space?

Pendant lights are one of my favourite lighting features because they are incredibly stylish in terms of look and how they make a space feel. They can be installed on top of kitchen islands and they can even make a beautiful addition to your breakfast nook. Pendant lights can vary in terms of material, color, and style which just allows for more options and variety for you to choose from.

Floating Shelves

For a space like a kitchen, storage of any kind is key. Floating or open shelving is one of the many ways to make the most of your space, organize your essentials and decorate some more.

They offer such a contemporary look and feel as well as more freedom in terms of what you’d like to display. Between plants, pots, pans, pictures, cook books, or other various decor pieces, a floating shelf is where you can create a display that is unique to you and you alone. You’ll find comfort knowing that your display will always be different than another.


Unique, custom and handmade are just a few words that come to mind when describing ceramic-ware. This is your sign to start that ceramic collection you’ve always wanted. Aside from the excitement and gorgeous element ceramic-ware adds to your kitchen, the search for good, quality ceramic-ware can be just as exciting of a journey. 

Seek out local artisans to find one-of-a-kind pieces you won’t find anywhere else. If you plan on getting your ceramics online, do some careful research to ensure that you are getting quality pieces that can make an impression and last a long time.

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Striking Bar Pulls

If there’s one miniscule styling adjustment to make to your kitchen that will make a large impact on how your space looks and feels, it’s with cabinet hardware. In this case, I’m talking about bar pulls.

Kitchen cabinets and drawers are elements of a kitchen that we use on a consistent basis. With a striking bar pull, you’ll be adding a modern touch that shows careful thought and attention to detail.

Cabinet hardware comes in different finishes that all come down to your personal preference. Copper, chrome, bronze, stainless steel and solid colours are just some examples of a few. You can even take a completely different route by going with wood or stone hardware. Kitchens are some of my favourite places to play with scale and form. Don’t be afraid to add super long pulls to things like your fridge or pantry. This will certainly set your kitchen apart from others.

Kitchen, Modern Interior Design, PURE Design

Are you ready to elevate the styling of your kitchen? Try incorporating some of the styling tips above to help you achieve that picture-perfect look you know and love.