Anyone who knows me knows that I love incorporating a bit of the outdoors, indoors. Using houseplants is a lovely way to lighten up your space, increase productivity and purify the air, giving your space an instant feeling of liveliness and comfort.

While you can incorporate houseplants in any of the spaces within your home, there are many reasons why your kitchen is a great place to start. It’s an area that we spend a lot of time in, from cooking to entertaining. If you’re looking for suggestions for houseplants that will work well in your kitchen, consider incorporating some of the following houseplants.

Mini monstera plant

If you’re looking to add a tropical feel to your kitchen space, this is the plant to do so! The monstera plant is a visually pleasing plant to have in your kitchen due to its signature glossy, “swiss-cheese” leaves and its minimal care that it requires. This houseplant is a wonderful way to make a statement in your kitchen, placed in the center of your island or on top of a floating shelf. It only requires to be watered every one to two weeks and can thrive off of indirect light.

To elevate things even further, I also love to add its much larger counterpart, the Monstera deliciosa plants in spaces such as the living room or dining area. They’re much taller, more distinct, and make an even further statement if you’re looking to incorporate even more of this striking plant throughout the rest of your home.

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Spider Plant

The spider plant has a distinct appearance that your guests won’t be able to look away from when they see it in your kitchen. They have long spiny-like leaves and similar to the mini monstera plant, they don’t require too much care.

Spider plants have the ability to thrive in a variety of different conditions and be kept almost anywhere in your kitchen, whether it be on your countertop or overhead on a cabinet. They make a great natural air purifier and can remove any unwanted odors of pollutants from the air. Just some occasional watering and pruning of these plants is all they need to continue to bring life and prosper in your kitchen.

Photo Credit: Janis Nicolay @pineconecamp, Design By PURE Design Inc

Fresh Herbs

One of the first plants that come to mind when you think of your kitchen is likely fresh herbs. When in doubt, fresh herbs are an essential plant to have in your kitchen. They’re incredibly functional and can add something visually special to your kitchen area.

If you’re looking for herbs that are easy to grow and take care of, basil and rosemary are two great choices. Make sure you are keeping the herbs in fresh, moist soil and that they are getting plenty of sunlight. If your kitchen window is south-facing, these herbs will work well in your space.

One of the ways you can get creative with herbs in your kitchen is by placing them in cute planters that align with your kitchen’s style. This could range from design to color choice. Aside from the function of herbal plants and their visual looks, they also offer a memorable, refreshing scent to your space that you won’t get tired of.

Photo Credit: Janis Nicolay @pineconecamp, Design By PURE Design Inc

Snake Plant

If you’re someone who frequents your kitchen often, the last thing you want is a kitchen houseplant that takes a lot of time and effort to maintain. If you’re looking for a plant that doesn’t require too much care, but has a classic, appealing look to it, the snake plant is the way to go.

In visual terms, the snake plant stands out as it doesn’t necessarily need to be placed in the center of your kitchen to be the center of attention. This is a great houseplant to pop in the corners of your kitchen, and let its tall leaves do the work.

To care for this plant, you’ll only need to water the plant every other week or even once a month depending on the condition of the soil. You may need to water more often if you notice the soil becoming too dry.

Baby snake plant growing in a pot at home


Peperomia is a wonderful kitchen houseplant for those who live in smaller spaces and may not have room for larger plants. They come in many different varieties to choose from and their deep green leaves have veins that give off such a unique texture.

Peperomia plants work well on a kitchen windowsill to get its daily dose of light or even on an end table. If you’re worried about lighting in a smaller kitchen space, peperomias are the plants you need as they can tolerate moderate-to-low light very well, while still giving your space just what it needs with its beautiful presence.

Photo Credit: Janis Nicolay @pineconecamp, Design By PURE Design Inc

So, if you’re looking to tie in some more feelings of freshness and vigor in between cooking and entertaining in your kitchen, houseplants can be that missing element that you need to do so.